24 Hr Lock Out Service

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Doors and locks opened without damage or drilling.

An experienced and professional locksmith will always attempt to pick or bypass the locks on your doors should you become locked out. We have many years experience with picking and bypass methods. We are able to open uPvc doors and muti-point locks very quickly and easily without drilling or damage to the doors. We have picking and bypass methods for more traditional locks such as nightlatchs (Yale) and mortise locks, usually found on wooden doors.

If your property has more then one door we can try other doors. We also have methods of bypassing window latches and window locks.

Unfortunately there are a number of businesses in Yellow pages and online advertising as local locksmiths in the Ipswich area. Many of these are located in other parts of the country and they will instruct a poorly trained and unskilled contractor to attend. They may give you a low price for gaining entry and say they will pick your locks. The contractor in reality has none or very limited locksmith experience and once at your property will claim that your locks cant be picked and will have to be drilled. This requires that you have new locks fitted and your final bill goes up drastically. This is nothing more then a con and is common in the Ipswich area.

Our promise to you. For residential customers if you have standerd locks on your door and we are unable to pick or bypass them. If we have to drill them, which is very rare. We will fit new locks free of charge.



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Clear & Fair Pricing

No call out charges. No expensive hourly rates just a set and agreed price before we attend.

We always give a fixed price for all works before we attend a job. Please feel free to contact Michael for free advice or for a free quotation.

We are here to help.

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